17-18 September 2021
Verona (I)
Giù la maschera
15 April 2021
Incontri ravvicinati di etnografia visiva (I)
Il laboratorio di Carnival King of Europe
24 February 2021
FoolkMagazine (I)
All'ascolto dei carnevali


Djolomari (MK)
by Vladimir Bocev, Nacionalna Ustanova Muzej na Makedonija
The day of masks on the Karst (SLO)
by Michele Trentini, Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina
Carnival in Ponte Caffaro (I)
by Michele Trentini, Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina


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CARNIVAL THEMES - Execution & Death

At the end of the ritual, an embodiment of Carnival as a specific character of the play is often put to trial and invariably sentenced to death. In alternative, some extensive surgery may be performed, with the excision and the throwing around of the entrails. Prior to the execution of the sentence, a will is often read out. In many cases, a great bonfire is then lit to close the proceedings.

Nassereith - Tyrol (A)
Nassereith - Tyrol (A)
Montemarano, Avellino -
Campania (I)

Montemarano, Avellino - Campania (I)
Bellizzi, Avellino - Campania (I)
Palù del Fèrsina - Trentino (I)

Grauno - Trentino (I)
Palù del Fèrsina - Trentino (I)
Asiago - Veneto (I)